Thai Consonants Chart

thai alphabet

There are 44 Thai consonants, each grouped into low, middle or high. Each consonant is named after a Thai word, like ‘Gor Gai’, Gor being the sound the consonant makes, and Gai the word for chicken, which is the symbol.

Many letters have the same sound, which means you only really have to learn 21 sounds, although be aware that some letters change their sound when placed at the end of the word – but that’s something you’ll learn much later down the line.

For now it’s important you start getting to grips with the letters (characters), at least then you’ll know which toilet to walk into in a Thai restaurant – believe us, that mistake has caused many a foreigner embarrassment after a few alcoholic drinks.

It’s time to get started with our comprehensive Thai alphabet chart and video demonstration. Try two a day for now and refer to our learning tips for extra pointers: Go for it!

Thai Consonants Chart

thai consonants chart

Thai Alphabet Slide Show (With Phonetic Translation)


Now it’s time for some fun! Click here to sing along with the Thai alphabet song!